Posted: 27 April, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO :9037903

Build : 1991 by Hegemann Rolandwerft, Bremenin Germany, nr 166 as Ann Rousing

Green, blue..this ship has had various colors in her life. She is a regular, normal hard working general cargo ship trading the coastal ports in Europe, just like any other coaster. But there is one thing that sets her apart from all the other coasters out there, and I don’t mean the signs of all her hard work and various bumps with all kinds of quaysides. And well, you must have guessed at by now: she is vvv.vvv.vvv.vvvery ugly!

Although from the stern she looks almost normal…….wow, that’s a word I never thought to be used here on the site.

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