APC Aussie 1

Posted: 2 May, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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APC Aussie 1

IMO : 8770455

Build : 2009 by Kim Heng Shipbuilding and Engineering in Sinagpore, nr ??

I guess you are now looking at the pictures and think: WHAT?? WTF is THAT thing??? well, don’t be ashamed, I didn’t know either until I looked into it. And because it’s you I’ll let you in on the secret: she is a multipurpose pipelaying accommodation diving support barge.  Wow, that’s a mouth full!! Anyway: whatever she is she is ugly doing it. She looks like a box on a box on a bigger box (we have seen similar boxvessels on this site before). The designers of this thing surely had some hugh imagination! Anyway: as with other ships: it’s a good thing she usually works farfar away on one of the big blue oceans so no innocent soul can lay eyes on her.

This boxthing has been build for a Australian company specialized in “temporary project camping solutions”, not really a big wellknown player in the offshore market! So maybe they didn’t know any better, and then I have some doubts about the name……..

  1. John Mc says:

    Yep, this is one ugly ship!

    Currently berthed at Newcastle Harbour, unfortunately this hideous creation is still visible to the general public.

  2. bowsprite says:

    gosh. she’s so bizarre she’s beautiful. your site is starting to feel like a matchmaking site.

  3. MonkeyFist says:

    eUglyShips? bonds formed on a deep and lasting compatibility

  4. seabart says:

    but who want his/her match to made with this one?

  5. info@ says:

    For all of you that dont know what a lay Barg is. The “Aussi 1” is a great expamle.

    It’s not entering a beautly competition.

    The Barge needs to fit/connect and solder concrete coated pipe together then force this pipe out through the stinger (which is that arm looking thing at the end of the Barg) to the bottom of the ocean.

    It’s a very precise and competent piece of construction and works very well.

  6. Kevin Wright says:

    I think Aussie-1 is a typical offshore construction vessel that is similar to any other lay barge that has been built in the pased ten years, these vessels are all very similar now in design. She will not will any beauty contest but hey she is not meant to be a show pony she is what she is and taht is a work horse.

  7. tri ariya says:

    and now she hit a brigde at batam island Indonesia…

  8. Hidayat Leony says:

    how many joint of pipes can she lay in a day

  9. MAA says:

    Hye! May i know what’s the name of project that she been involved in Australia

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