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Busy, busy, busy & some Offshore work

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uglyships-logo.jpgHello There….

Due to some busy times here at Uglyships-central the posting of new discoveries has been a bit irregular, this will unfortunately continue for a little while. Also the fact that I have a last-minute kinda-urgent Offshore-job in Canadian waters (courtesy of my new employer) doesn’t help the regular update process here.

So please hang in there, or here, come back now & then and I promise that as soon as I got a bit of time on my hands AND a decent internet-connection I will be posting again.

Don’t hold your breath though!!

Thanks for the patience, understanding etc etc and I’ll be back asap…….



Tofte II

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Tofte II

IMO : 8026361

Build : 1980 by Mandal Slip & m.V. A/S, Mandal in Norway, nr 73

I think somebody “borrowed” the local churchtower when they were building (more…)