Union Beaver

Posted: 9 May, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Union Beaver

IMO : 8918564

Build : 1991 by Fulton Marine Shipbuilding, Ruisbroek in Belgium, nr 180 as Salvage Chief

This vessel is supposed to be a salvage/rescue vessel but she continuously appears to be sinking herself.  Somewhere in her life she is lengthened and her accommodation was expanded with one extra deck. The next picture shows her in her old disguise.

She already wasn’t the most beautiful vessel around and that’s no shame, she is after all a work boat, never meant to be pretty but the alterations have made her even more monstrous. From inside information I happen to know that she is also a monster to work with and even worse to live on. And although I think a crane is a useful thing on board the yellow toy-thingy pictured here seems to be  pretty useless….and ugly as well.

Look at her, beavering away…….go away you ugly thing, do something useful, go scuttle yourself!

  1. Timmy says:

    I’m on this thing at the moment. It’s grubby, the ablutions stink and it’s impossible to sleep when they adjust anchors (4-point mooring). Fortunately, it’s so bouncy we go in at the first sniff of a dodgy weather forecast. Unfortunately, it’s into Chatham…

  2. Girija Shettar says:

    Hi, I’d be grateful if someone could confirm to me some details about this vessel: is it owned by URS Salvage and Maritime, under the Belgian flag, and a shallow draft dredge barge? If it is, I would like to talk to you about it! Thanks.

  3. SeaBart says:

    It was owned by the URS/Smit/Boskalis. It is now sold and is renamed Offshore Beaver. http://www.offshorewind.biz/2014/05/30/offshore-wind-services-acquires-offshore-beaver/

  4. Girija Shettar says:

    Many thanks for your help. I have just one more question – I will send it by email to the Questions address.

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