Jaeger Arrow

Posted: 11 May, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Jaeger Arrow

IMO : 9215347

Build : 2001 by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., Ltd., Mipo in S-Korea, nr 9914

A “totally enclosed forest products and liquid pitch carrier” or TENFPLPC: quit a big name for what in essence is a vessel carrying future waiste paper all over the globe. A strange looking vessel as well, dare I say ugly?? I’m still in limbo about that but in life you have to take risks so I declare her ugly! There, I said it (again).  Apparently the ships owner had plans to build 2 of these things but due to some “minor mistakes” by the shipyard they never build the 2nd one. Which is a good thing, one of them on the 7 seas of this globe is more than enough!


By the way: I bet you are wondering what “liquid pitch” is?? I know I was so I did a Google: this is what a well-known dictionary thingy has to say:

Liquid pitch –> pine tar

Obtained by the destructive distillation of the wood of pinus palustris and other species of Pinus; used internally as an expectorant, and externally in the treatment of skin diseases.

Thank you Piet Verwilligen of Antwerp for the tip to this strange/ugly looking vessel!!

  1. bowsprite says:

    this is not so ugly. I wouldn’t throw it out of bed. I couldn’t.

  2. Jonny Hagen says:

    This is a wonderful ship. She is able to cruise at 18 knots, crush 1mtr thick ice and is marvelous in heavy weather.
    She is one of the few ships in the world that can carry Liquid Pitch at 240 degree C.
    I now her very well.

  3. Shipman says:

    This vessel is designed for trading in the toughest areas in the world.
    That is why she is so covered or enclosed if you like.
    She can break 1m ice, sail with abt 18 knots when fully loaded and about 20 knots in ballast conditions.
    Her capacity in rough weather is world class.
    And in my eyes, a beautiful lady.

    Ps. Liquid pitch is transported with temperatures of more than 200 degrees C
    and used in the aluminium industri.
    A vert challenging cargo to transport.

  4. Valentina says:

    I just saw this vsl on marine traffic (http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/shipdetails.aspx?imo=9215347) and wondering what is designed to carry (so that’s how I found your blog). I don’t think is ugly, to me is looking powerfull and futuristic

  5. Jon Hulburt says:

    Thanks you for the interesting info. Yesterday we saw the “timber carrier” Grouse Arrow which looks like the Jaeger Arrow but was built in Japan in 1991. The Grouse Arrow was headed to Baltimore thru the C&D canal. Same owners. The Grouse Arrow is almost twice as large. It certainly looks just as unique.Does that make it twice as ugly?

  6. Anton Kelly says:

    Pioneering Spirit, BOKA Vanguard, even empty ultra large container ships. All beautiful in their own unique way.

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