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In the south of England lays a small beautifull island, a self-proclaimed paradise called the Isle of Wight. I have never been there but the stories I heard are plentifull. As this is an island it needs ferries to transport the locals and the tourists to and from itself and this is done by a company called Wightlink using a number of ferries on several routes. Now there is one problem with all these ferries: they all look very interesting although a lot of people, among which little old me would even call them ugly. See a line-up of their vessels below and make up your own mind!

Their socalled “flagship”: St Clare (IMO : 9236949)

The quartet  St Faith (IMO : 8907228)

St Helen (IMO : 8120569)

St Cecilia (IMO : 8518546)

And St Catherine (IMO : 8120557)

The newborn triplings : Wight Light (IMO : 9446972)

Wight Sky (IMO : 9446984)

And Wight Sun (IMO : 9490416)

And 3 less interesting (or ugly) looking fast ferries with an conspicuous paintjob:

Fastcat Shanklin (IMO : 8888513)

Fastcat Ryde (IMO : 9144976)

And last but definitely not the least (and once again: very ugly) : Our Lady Pamela (IMO : 8508931)

I wonder how many tourists have changed their minds when faced with these contraptions while looking forward to their holiday?? What would you do?? Would you dare?

Oh: there was one more, the sister of the lady P above but this one is already scrapped in 2006 so the tourists are already saved from the sight of her.

Our lady Patricia (IMO : 8507494)



and now scrapped…….thank God!


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