MSC Daniela (Updated! and Again!!)

Posted: 29 May, 2009 by SeaBart in monster
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MSC Daniela

MSC Daniela

IMO : 9399002

Build : 2008 by Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy industries Co. Ltd, South Korea, nr 1708

Here at we are right on the news: this is the first picture (and as far as I can tell the only one yet) of the brand-spanking new MSC Daniela, the first vessel of a series that is approaching the size of the Maersk E-series. At a length of 366 m and a width of 51.20 m it can load 14.000 TEU (or that’s what they say!).

A new feature is also the fact that the bridge isn’t positioned above the main engine as is the case on almost all container vessels. This has multiple reasons: To ensure the view from the bridge and to load as many containers as possible you want the bridge as far as possible forward but the propellor-shaft can’t become too long. On this vessel the engineroom is positioned on the aftship (as can be seen at the location of the funnel) and the bridge on the foreship.

I’m not declaring this ship ugly, she is unusual and  there is nothing wrong with that but she is HUGH and that’s why I’m calling her a MONSTER of the Seas!

Find a datasheet about her HERE .

They are building 7 more of these monsters!

And here is a picture of one of the Maersk E-series containervessels so you can spot the differences.


Finally a few more pictures  from this monster of the seas have surfaced:

Update (29-05-2009)

Here are a few pics of a sistership: MSC Danit (IMO : 9404649), fully laden with containers. Does she look better like that?? I’m not sure yet………..see for yourself:

  1. gCaptain says:

    It has to be better looking once the boxes are on…. right?

  2. seabart says:

    I certainly hope so!!

    But then again: Don’t most containerships look odd without containers??

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