Bow Paintjobs (3 times) (Updated & again!)

Posted: 2 June, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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IMO : 9237577

Build : 2005, by ABG Shipyard, Mumbai, India, nr 213 as Pacific one

This isn’t a particulary ugly tug, not at all. It’s just the paintjob that makes it not a nice sight to the eyes. The yellow paint is the color of the former owner of the vessel. I don’t have much knowledge about paint & painting but what I do know is that the preparations before and/or the conditions during the painting of the blue coat weren’t as they should have been! It does make the vessel look much older than she actually is.

Another one of these crappy paintjobs was seen on the following candidate:

Fugro Gauss

IMO : 7824883

Build : 1980, by Schlichting-Werft GmbH, Lübeck-Travemünde, Germany, nr 1417 as Gauss

I must say that this vessel has a very strange foremast. It looks a bit like those old lighthouses that you could find on the European shores. Or is this what they call a Crow’s nest??

But that’s not the point here, the paintjob on the bow is. Or was because it is gone and the black paint of the former owner is making a come-back. Here it actually looks like a hugh shark with its mouth wide open, ready to catch the unexpected but none-the-less very tasty victim.

Speaking of which: I found below picture on the Interweb, don’t know the name or any info about the vessel but I thought the pic was appropriate.

Dunno Source via the Interweb

Dunno Source via the Interweb

tadadada tadadada tadadadaaah! (for the less musical talented people: humming the music from Jaws)

Update (27-02-2009):

And, in the same spirit, (keep on humming the aforementioned tune) we present you this one:

Custo Deus (Z 571)

Update (02-06-2009):

And I fought a bit frightening picture of the Yamal…….

Imagine this approaching you while bashing and shoving the ice… better start praying and hoping the skipper has seen you and has good intentions!!

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