Mega & Motti

Posted: 3 June, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Mega & Motti

IMO : 8505056 & 9072434

Build :

Mega : 1974 by OY Wärtsilä AB, Helsingfors (Helsinki) in Finland, nr 405 as Teuvo

Motti : 1993 by Aker Yards, Oslo in Norway, nr ??

I was under the impression that pusher-tugs with giraffe-like necks were only living in the U.S. of A…..and I was wrong. Apparently they also live here in the Olde Worlde of Europe, and the evidence is shown here: the duo Mega & Motti: spotted in Bremerhaven, Germany. And they are an ugly duo as well….the barge as well as the tug!

Picture by Juergen Braker via

Picture by Juergen Braker via

I have no idea what the benefits are for a barge/tug combination over a normal general cargo vessel with the same specs but I do know one thing: esthetically-wise they are definitely the lesser party.

  1. neil says:

    I used to be an engineer with a US oil tug/barge company (Maritrans, now OSG)

    Construction and operational cost would be a less as the barge requires fewer systems vs the ship.

    A tug/bage combination requires a smaller crew vs. a larger ship per US Coast Guard regulations. There are also a lot more regulations that are lesser with a tug/barge vs a ship. The regulations do vary depending how the tug/barge are mated. ITB/ATB vs notch.

    The tug power unit could be used with multiple barge units.

    Hey, I happen to think some of the elevated piliout house tugs are very good looking. Some however have a lot to be desired.

  2. Bluesquid says:

    do you have any idea what the name of the barge pictured at the top of this blog is? what it does?


  3. Joe Stealth says:

    I was looking for the same thing per R’s Web site. The information you seek is shown below along with the Web link:

    Mega(pusher tug)/Motti(barge)

    This is all I know so far. R asked the name of the barge which is “Motti”. Now to figure out the meaning.

    Good luck.

  4. jori says:

    its name is the barge in the wind.

  5. jori says:

    or the barge in the wind farm

  6. Horizom says:

    This boat just came to my country. Weird looking

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