Rockwater 1 (Updated)

Posted: 3 June, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Picture by B. v.d. Kuijl via

Rockwater 1

IMO : 8211746

Build : 1983 by B.V. Scheepswerf “De Hoop”, Lobith, The Netherlands, nr 308 as Deepwater 1

In the wild nature (must be out there, somewhere) when animals have bright & clear colors on them it’s usually a sign of caution: Don’t eat me, I’m poisonous. So if we stay in that context:


Oh my God!! Watch out, its the Big Bad Red Boat! And its going to be very dangerous to YOU!!!

I don’t know what’s the ugliest on this vessel, the design which is at best a mess of strange angles and slopes or the paintjob, which is…uhm…. quite red.


picture by B. v.d. Kuijl via

There are 5 of these monsters working on this globe (all be it: not all are this color). And it is maybe for the better that they stay at sea most of the time, far far far away from the shores where they might ruin some appetites and make people run away.


picture by B. v.d. Kuijl via

Update (03-06-2009):

When BigBadBlueWolf posted below comment he reminded me instantly that I found some pics of a sistership of her: The Rockwater 2 (Duh!!) IMO : 8211758.

Same shape and once the same color. Nowadays the owners had the good taste to paint her in more easy to digest colors: White accommodation on a blue hull, much better!! But as her sister: she still is and will ever remain an Official Ugly Ship (or OUS)


    A note or two to the individual who see’s fit to disrespect one of the finest vessels afloat!
    The “ROCKY 1” is one of the hardest working offshore vessels ever built! She was never built to float some ship snob’s boat! She’s built to work in the harshest environment this planet has to offer, doing highly technical and highly dangerous procedures the unfamiliar can’t even comprehend, let alone believe possible! Check out and you’ll be given a clue as to why she looks like she does!
    She brought me home safe after every voyage and provided an income for me and my family. Her crew were my mentors and many remain my friends.
    Do all us REAL sailors a favor and keep your uneducated glib critique firmly in your closed mind! Stick to looking at the pretty WAFI’s in the local marina, and leave the real ships to real men, who know a great ship when they sail on her!

    I am therefore yours With Due Disrespect and Scathing Disdain!

    BIGBADBLUEWOLF (aka A greatfull ex Chief Officer and son of the ROCKY)

  2. seabart says:

    thnx for your comment……if you had read the pages about the site etc you might had understood it more.
    As for your comment, regarding the Youtube-clip: I have been working on the North Sea for a long time and never seen a Hurricane there, or a Typhoon for that matter, you might wanna send that clip to the various meteo-companies as probably they never have seen it as well. And I can honestly say that I have seen worse weather on the good old North Sea.
    And what are WAFI’s??? Even Google doesn’t know!

    With utmost respect & all the rest,


    Seabart and Co,
    An education for you my son: WAFI = Wind Assisted F***ing Idiot = One of those nice PRETTY boats in the marina. You know, the kind that costs 200+K but its owner won’t spend 50 quid on a radar reflector so ships can see it on radar in rough weather………..
    While you are indeed correct it has been a while since a hurricane has blessed our native north sea, the wind on that day reached well in excess of hurricane force, and while I don’t doubt you have seen worse weather in the north sea and quite probably your morning coffee, I severely doubt you have had the pleasure of sailing through it.
    Before defiling a great vessels name with uneducated comment and glib retort have the decency to find out what she’s about.
    True beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to those who have beheld the Rocky 1 working in the worst weather nature can throw at her worldwide, she’s Prettiness With Props!


    God rest Graham, son of the Rocky and victim of 447. Smooth Sea’s Brother.

  4. seabart says:

    Aren’t you taking this whole thing a little bit too serious??

  5. Rob Andrew says:

    Confession, I’ve enjoyed the tongue in cheek CHEEK (bare-faced CHEEK sometimes, if all the more entertaining for it) of uglyships. Generally speaking, handsome is as handsome does and I have to admit I appreciate working ships far more than those styled to be beautiful, or eye-catching. This lady deserves credit for avoiding go-with-the-herd white and giving us a bit of variety.
    Keep up the entertaining work uglyships, but Rocky 1 is a well laid out characterfull design and my favourite scarlet lady.

  6. Anton says:

    These ships built in Holland are still working and still can compete with DSV’s built now adays.
    Their basic technical installation like engines and thrusters are still not worn out and needs minimal overhaul expenses. All very relaiable equipment.
    I have been Engineer on these workhorses for over 10 years and enjoyed it.
    Much better than a cruise or container boat.

    The Old Seahorse

  7. bigbadbluewolf says:

    Here Here! :O)

  8. sam says:

    I seen that ship at Barrow-in-furness!!!!!!
    i did not like it!
    its all red and on Picture no 3 the ship looks all out of proportion!

  9. bigbadbluewolf says:

    Once again she’s built to work, not to be some rich mans plaything…For what she does she’s perfectly proportioned….. Being in Barrow you can always walk up the dock and look at one of those underwater boats that glow in the dark, or alternativly pop over to the fishers berth and boil ya head in a barrel of toxic waste? Just a thought XO)

  10. boaterxx says:

    I spent almost a year on the Rocky 2 prior to her 25 drydock…
    I was in New Zealand, Korea, Singapore and India.
    She is an amazing ship and excellent at her job, shaming many newer and more shiny, pretend DSV’s.

  11. boaterxx says:

    The rocky 1 was probably in Barrow to pick up stuff for the KURSK rescue job.
    Can’t think of another reason to go to Barrow.

    These ships were designed do do specialized stuff that prettier ships cannot do.

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