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IMO : 7824261

Build : 1984 by Saint John Shipbuilding Ltd, Saint John in Canada, nr 1132 as Canmar Kigoriak

Today I wanna talk to you about icebreakers, I know it’s summertime and I know there isn’t much ice in sight but that’s the point. As it is summertime all the icebreakers used in the Northern ports of the Northern Hemisphere are without a job and laying idle in port, except for the occasional PR or tourist-trip. And there lays the danger: as you are unsuspectingly wandering through a small harbor town you might be caught by the sight of these monsters, a monster as pictured above & below. And wadda-u-know: holiday ruined!! See please be careful now you are aware of them!

Anyway, what I find ironical is that this ugly ship: Talagy is actually designed & build by the people who have the biggest change of her as a daily view: the inhabitants of St John, Canada. Oh Irony, wouldn’t life be dull without you!!

And to be honest: She is ugly but I like the looks of her, purposeful, butch, kinda cool….but still very ugly!!

Here is another one, just as ugly, less cool….courtesy of the Canadian Coast Guard: the Terry Fox (IMO : 8127799).

However ugly they are: they sure are mighty machines…………..

  1. Vintage CCG says:

    um … I thought the whole point of Uglyships was to denounce the abominations that apply naval architecture in ways that insult all aspects of balance and aesthetics, not to disparage venerable working ships that make up in capability what they lack in “prettiness”.
    Professional mariners recognize that when form follows function, a certain type of beauty results.
    Anyone who fails to appreciate the beauty in the most successful designs of tugs, OSVs and other “working-man” ships is simply revealing their own ignorance.

  2. SeaBart says:

    I did become a Master Mariner / SDPO of a large DP2 Diving Support Vessel because of that same amount of ignorance.

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