Abegweit (updated)

Posted: 29 June, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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picture from collection Micke Asklander via www.faktaomfartyg.se

picture from collection Micke Asklander via http://www.faktaomfartyg.se


IMO : 7927843

Build : 1981 by Saint John Shipbuilding and Dry Dock, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, nr 1136

A ferry on the Northumberland Strait service in her heydays,  acting as a cargovessel for the equipment that wasn’t needed anymore after a bridge replaced her, a casino-to-be in Galveston, Texas after her retirement and then silently whisked away as a rusting and no longer wanted vessel to the breakers yard in Alang, India. That’s 23 years in a nutshell for the Abegweit:  a very ugly ship!

Dunno Source via the Interweb

Dunno Source via the Interweb

And her she is on the beach of the breakersyard in Alang, India:

Update 29-06-2009

A threesome of pictures appeared on my favourite source for ugly ships so I thought to bring this strange & ugly looking ferry once again under your attention!

  1. Fairlane500 says:

    Reminds me of the old Puget Sound ferries (among them the SS Seattle: http://www.evergreenfleet.com/others.html) that were converted passenger steamers by having their bows chopped off, except she just started out ugly.

  2. seabart says:

    Interesting site…plenty reading pleasure for a rainy day!!

  3. Ben says:

    Could someone please tell me which end is which?

  4. Justin says:

    The end with the smaller funnel is the bow, but the ship was able to load/unload cars at either end or travel in both directions!

  5. Matthew says:

    The ship she replaced, the much more attractive original Abegweit of 1947 outlived her and is the now the clubhouse of the Chicago Yacht Club. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/41/Abegweit_in_chicago.jpg

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