“Beautiful” Names

Posted: 30 June, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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“Beautiful” Names

As we have established here already: it’s very discussable whether ships are beautiful or not, I think not and that’s why this site: to pick out the very ugly ones. But there are ship-owners in the world that think otherwise and name their (ugly) vessels in the line of that thought…..here are a few examples:

Above and below you see the Asian Beauty (IMO : 9070462)….to quote little miss anonymous (who tipped me and gave me the much needed inspiration for this post) “har snort, this looks like two lego pieces stuck together. I rest my case.

Although I’m still figuring out where you can find these monstrous pieces of Lego??

And here a few more examples of this name-abuse:

Hot Star (IMO : 8124797)

Sunny Glory (IMO : 9331878)

Ocean Beauty ( IMO : 8025850)

Beauty River (IMO : ??)

Soon a whole post dedicated to aptly-named carcarriers (as this one) will be featured here, beware!!

And Christina, these ones are for you:

Christina (IMO : 9118496)

Christina (IMO : 9175080)

Christina O (IMO : 8963818)


  1. bowsprite says:

    whoa! Thank you, SeaBart! I had always wondered why this fine name was not used more often, and now I know! I was looking in the wrong shipyards! yachty clubs like ‘margarita’s and ‘lolita’s, but you must go to an industrial strength shipyard to find a good, hardworking ‘christina’. I’m honored to be in their league. I’d like to order my “As Seen On ‘UglyShips!'” tank top!!!

  2. tugster says:

    since this post on “asian beauty” has gone off on a different tack, we’re now on the same side. wallenius wilhelmsen used to name their roros for opera characters. see this link . . . .http://www.shipphotos.co.uk/sheets/wwl.htm i’d love to say, yes, i’m sailing with bess or madame butterfly. given the enclosedness of the space, i can imagine a crew made up of auditioning divas, their voices resounding within the hold as the roro crashes thru a gale, quite the operatic mood creator.

    oh that tank top . . . in keeping with ships named for divas and their men, how about a line of boustieres saying . . . as worm on roro elektra and seen on barts uglyships . . .

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