Swimday-special Solar Boat

Posted: 1 July, 2009 by SeaBart in personal

Swimday-special Solar Boat

Tugster has been lobbying for the last few weeks to get his swimday-idea of the ground (out of the water??). All were asked to do a post that has some link to swimming…As I don’t swim much (I can swim though) I didn’t have much inspiration for it so I thought to just let it pass. Until I saw this strange, maybe even ugly looking little boat.

So I decided: If I go swimming I’ll do it from this one, keeping in context with this site! Preferably somewhere in warm, tropical, southern hemisphere waters………..

I only need some crew to do the pedaling when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, any volunteers??

Anyway Tugster: you know it’s a bit of a strange question to ask a ship’s crew if they can swim??? Certainly you never thought of asking the pilot of a plane if he could fly!!

  1. […] never to miss the opportunity to share another “pretty-boat” foto, sends along a swim-day solar-power […]

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