Oversized funnels

Posted: 6 July, 2009 by SeaBart in special
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Oversized funnels

After a couple of episodes featuring Strange Funnels (here & here) I decided to get off the beaten track and now do a post about Oversized Funnels. Here you will she funnels with a bit of ship underneath it, where the ship seems to be designed to carry the funnel around. Totally out of proportion like a pornstar with fake blown up boobies…..you know what I’m talking about.

Above and the first picture below is the Duke of Scandinavia, a rather large piece of royal stiff!

Astoria also seems to have a bit of pipe sticking out:

Hiryu is obviously trying to compensate something:

Joseph & Clara Smallwood have a pipe each:

Le Diamant is ashamed and tries to hide them but we can see through the facade:

The Pride of Bruges is also carrying a big stack…something to be proud of??

The Procyon has things sticking out of her single stack:

And as Piece de Resistance, nothing beats a true leader: the Napoleon Bonaparte:

Some of these ships will return with their very own posting because the ship underneath the funnel is also worth mentioning and pointing out!

  1. tugster says:

    bingo . . . i agree with you here . . . overcompensating for some internal or invisible deficiencies. good score, bart!

  2. […] is Part 1, there is Part 2, hether is the Oversized special. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Strange Funnels (part 2)WecomaStrange American […]

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