Green Ships (Part 4)

Posted: 7 July, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob
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Green Ships (Part 4)

Another batch of Green Ships for your vomiting service, I thought you would appreciate that on this “beautiful” summer day. There must be something to ruin your day and these terrible-colored ships may as well be the reason………

Above you see the Arklow Rose & the Lehmann Loader, both companies have also been featured in the last post as headliners, says something about the choice of color for their fleet!!

We start with:

Edgar Lehmann

We kick this episode off with another one from the Lehmann-fleet, just because I just can’t get over the fact how freaking-ugly this particular color is……a valid reason more to warn you about them!


Elvi Kull

Blue-ish, green-ish?? I have not a clue what this color actually is but it is green enough for me to think it’s ugly!


Meke Temizler

Another name is actually written on the bow so I don’t know for sure whether this name is her official one! And they did a funny thing with the anchor, however this doesn’t take away the fact that she is green and therefore officially yukkie!!

Another one:


Another German vessel, seems to be the theme today, besides the green ofcourse. This is particular eye-burning with her good looking combination of colors……Even a blind man would do better!

On we go:

Tasmanian Achiever

even down-Under they have people with bad taste….I thought that if it’s green and from Down There it would be a Kiwi……Apparently not! I have no idea what this thing has achieved except burning her awful image on my retina.

Next one:


This one thought to get away with only a soft light-green coloring of the accommodation…wrong….we spotted her miles away and she is just as awful as any other where-ever green painted vessel.

The penultimate one:

Crystal Peony

I wish the owners had looked into a crystal boll to foresee what the image of this ship would be if they painted her this color, they might have changed their minds!!

And we kept the best one for last:



Greenish-yellow, Yellowish green…..aaaaarrrggghhh!! Gimme sunglasses, gimme Migraine-tablets, Gimme something to make this go away….please??? And you have to realize that ll government ships in The Netherlands are painted this color…..OMFG, what were they thinking!!

  1. Tom Kelly says:

    I don’t take this attack on my name personally. MUCH!

    But what is your problem with green? Your premise is all wrong. All green boats are not ugly. Green is a perfectly fine color, depending on the shade. The ocean is often green, and it isn’t ugly. Plants are beautiful, and they are green. Most of the boats you’ve posted would be ugly in any color, and some, like the truly hideous Crystal Peony, are painted vomitous shades of green. But some of the green shades look just fine.

    Some people like green, and they are not stupid or crazy. Hating all shades of a particular color seems, well, unhealthy. Have you sought professional help for this affliction?

  2. seabart says:

    No, haven’t sought professional help for this affliction….or unprofessional for that matter.
    Just can’t help it: don’t like green…mind you, not all green is bad but most of it though, all of the above for example.
    But there are also red & blue ships on here that I don’t like……….

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