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Posted: 9 July, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Picture by J.Lingbeek via

Picture by J.Lingbeek via

Picture by F. Janse via

Picture by F. Janse via


IMO : 7636913

Build : 1978 by Hall, Russel co ltd, Aberdeen in the UK, nr 978 as Lyrie

The very first Official Ugly Ship, the one that started this all.

I have seen in it England somewhere sometime and I thought it to be so ugly it became actually very cool.

Shown it to a lot of people and they all agreed…….so that was the seed for this website, a large amount of time later and I’m telling you via this medium. Cool huh??

And you know what: she got 2 sisters as well, over which later more.

BTW: You gotta love the name, its the best ever for a ship!

Update (09-07-2009)

As I have given attention to both sisterships I also thought it to be no more than fair to update this post about good old Battleaxe:

Here are a few more pics to show off her ugliness in all glory!

As Lady in red Lyrie:

As Elsie in more traditional colors:

And finally as Battleaxe, soon to be discovered by me and to sow the seed of this site:

Picture by J.P. Hoogendoorn via

Picture by J.P. Hoogendoorn via

The cumulative history:

Stanechakker :      IMO 7636896,   januari 1978,       yard nr 976.

Swaabie :               IMO 7636901,   march 1978,         yard nr 977.

1996 Evelynn, 1998 Samson

Lyrie :                     IMO 7636913,    november 1978,  yard nr 978.

1996 Elsie, 1998 Battleaxe

  1. Linda Gortz says:

    I know BattleAxe very well. She is a beautiful girl.

  2. bowsprite says:

    Very good name! her sisters are named Hatchet and Tomahawk??

  3. seabart says:

    They wish!!!

  4. Battleaxe says:

    Bowsprite,put a bowline in it. Battleaxes’s Master is my son,so whats your ugly scuttlebutt.So Battleaxes’s fire headgear looms like a vertical bowsprit. So what-So did Cleopatra’s. Never heard her described as ugly.Ugly is as ugly does. Battleaxe is a blessing to shipping

  5. Teresa Gortz says:

    I agree with Battleaxe comment above! Good on ya! You tell it like it is!
    I have seen Battleaxe and she is beautiful,even in all her dirty glory!

  6. fooman2008 says:

    To steal a line from Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising; “at least we don’t name our ships after our mother in laws…”

  7. tugster says:

    scary!!! time to call in the united nations peacekeeping force.

  8. Mike Skinner says:

    Not an ugly tug, just a pity about the main mast configuration, a vessel that has proved herself over many years, a very good friend of mine Capt. Tony da Silva was Master on her during her last visit to the Port of Durban in South Africa

  9. Smudger says:

    I took her for the salvage of the CP valour in the Azores then had her again for 6 months working Angola. She ended up in South Africa for Svitzers last time I heard of her

  10. […] The (and I quote from that first post) “very first Official Ugly Ship, the one that started this all” was the tug Battleaxe, see that post (later updated a bit) here. […]

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