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Picture by G.C. Dijkdrenth via

Picture by G.C. Dijkdrenth via

Picture by G.C. Dijkdrenth via

Picture by G.C. Dijkdrenth via


IMO : 7636901

Build : 1978 by Hall Russel co ltd, Aberdeen, UK nr 977 as Swaabie

Looks familiar this vessel, doesn’t it?? It’s the sistership of the first ship I ever wrote a post about: the Battleaxe, which to my delighted surprise has had a bit of attention the last few days. So I decided to dust of the old archives and dig up the last remaining sistership which I had to give my attention to.

The Samson started life as Swaabie, (see pic below) and then still had her distinguishing large mast with firefighting monitor on top.

She still had it when she was renamed to Evelyn and painted in a more acceptable color scheme.

As cutting of her mast does make a difference to her overall appearance, it’s definitely much better this way, I think of it as cutting of the tail feathers of a peacock! You are taking away that what makes the thing……it was ugly, I grant you that but still…….

But there is still enough ugliness left in this little tug for everybody to feast on.

Here are 2 special pictures, one with both the Swaabie & Lyrie in the same drydock in their old (uhm….) beautiful red paintjob and another one, same setting but now called Evelynn & Elsie and in a totally new wardrobe.

Elsie became Battleaxe and Evelynn became Samson………and Ugly Ship history was made.



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