G.M. Dannevig

Posted: 13 July, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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G.M. Dannevig

IMO : 8899665

Build : 1979 by Kystvågen Verft, Møre og Romsdal in Norway, nr ?? as Kystfangst

What’s so ugly about this one?? I hear you thinking but rest assured it isn’t that much. Just take a look at the bow of this Norwegian research ship, see anything familiar???

Have you recognized it?? It’s an X-bow! It’s the same idea as the ones from Ulstein, the ones we already have seen here before. But it is clearly visible that it’s modified in a latter stage of her life.

We have already discussed & voted on the bows as above picture and the verdict was : “Cool, I like it! Gimme more!” So therefore we must like the bow of the GM Dannevig as well………however:

I do wonder which one came first, have the Ulstein-people seen the Dannevig and suddenly got some “Inspiration” or is the Dannevig modified after the Ulstein-discovery.

Who can shed some light on this???

  1. Fairlane500 says:

    It could just be that somebody really like the traditional dreadnought bow (http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1335/626213719_f73bc1252f.jpg?v=0), which I admit I do.
    However, applying it to something this little kind of removes the regal relation it maintains with warships and classic yachts.

  2. bowsprite says:

    This dreadnought bow Fairlane500 has linked to is incredibly beautiful!

    Can’t help it, when I hear “dreadnought”, I think of first:
    “There’s a flash packet, a flash packet of fame,
    She hails from New York and the Dreadnought’s her name…”

    …this is what happens when one does tallships first.

  3. tugster says:

    if i look at the Esvagt Bergen and squint, i see a parrot, beak forward, evolved to thrive in water. and if it resembles a parrot, then i like it.

  4. fisherman says:

    The “G. M. Dannevig” was clearly first, and not modified after seeing the X-Bow!!
    If the Ulstein designers was inspired by this fairly ugly ship I can’t say

  5. My Name says:

    Dannevig was first. The bow has not been changed since she was built in 1979. The lines are developt in cooperation between Marintek (NSFI) and Vik-Sandvik (now Wärtsila shipdesign) with the criteria of minimal accelerations so that they could get more operational days.

    Ulsteins design started as a pure design/esthetical vision in an internal x-mas edition of their Ulstein Today. Tore Ulstein (CEO) with a Ph.D. in hydrodynamics realized the potential of a nice design with superb quality. These vessels are trucks of the sea so nobody would pay extra for buty. Buty and performance in the same package is however a great combo.

  6. Frankie says:

    If you really want to know where Ulstein got the inspiration for the X-bow from, take a look at this: http://www.oilpubs.com/oso/article.asp?v1=4590
    This was designed before Ulstein started their campaign for finding something ‘different’. They confessed to me that they at the time had the ERAM web page open, and ‘borrowed’ inspiration from there.
    When that is said, it is a fact that Ulstein managed to make it a commersial success in a time where very few offshore ships were built, while the ERAM was forgotten. That counts, too.

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