Grande Mariner

Posted: 28 July, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Grande Mariner

IMO : 8978643

Build :1998 by Blount Industries Inc, Warren in the USA, nr 298

Ages ago, when this site wasn’t as wellknown as now Tugster pointed me towards this one by sending in some pictures he took while his holyday was being ruined by this vessel coming into sight. That email has been gathering dust since then but going through the archives I unearthed it…..and now she is featured here to stop you all going to the places this thing is visiting as the sight of her might ruin your holyday as well….and you wouldn’t want that, do you???

There is one thing very peculiar about this vessel: she can pull her wheelhouse in, just like a turtle pulls in his head in the face of anything possibly resembling danger.


Picture by Tugster

Picture by Tugster

On the picture above I can actually picture the angry mob ready to throw the rotten tomatoes and eggs……hence the wheelhouse pulled in!

And her arse also looks a bit turtlish…..or maybe a dog running away with his tail between the legs.

Skoo away you turtlish dog, go to the deepest point in the ocean and keep hiding there!!

And there are more of these:

Niagara Prince

Grande Caribbean

Will: Thnx for the pics, sorry it took so long!


  1. tugster says:

    yer absolutely right about the anrgy mob there throwing tomatoes . . . and jellyfish and sea cucumbers and urchins. it was ugly . . . the scene i mean. you truly read the scene right. and such a lelijke eendtje

  2. bowsprite says:

    Wheelhouse? you’re certain it’s not a dumb waiter?

  3. Olaf Arnold says:

    Ok as a crew member with ACCL since 2006 I take offense. The Grande Mariner, Grande Caribe, and Niagara Prince are not the best looking vessels. But they are beautiful in their own way. How many cruise ships do you know that you can bow land? They were the first, same with the retractable pilot house, which ables all three ships to go through the Erie Canal, and the Niagara Prince, can go via the Champlain Canal and the whole Mississippi River system from New Orleans to Chicago. We are the oldest US flagged cruise line and the only one operating in the Caribbean and Central America. SO please they are beautiful in their own respects, just look at the American Cruise Line shoeboxes for uglyness. They are built low for a reason. They are also good sea boats I have been in 16-20 footers with the Grande Mariner. Also the Prince has an ice strengthened bow.
    Michael Arnold
    SR Deckhand American Canadian Caribbean Line
    Cadet at NY Maritime College

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