Acergy Harrier

Posted: 10 August, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Acergy Harrier

IMO : 8322662

Build : 1985 by Framnæs mek. Værksted, Sandefjord in Norway, nr 199 as Seaway Harrier

We have seen this vessel on this site before when I put a spotlight on the company that owns these ships: Stolt Nielsen Seaway for the use of an intolerable color as standard livery for their vessels. They now changed their name to Acergy, renamed all their vessels and painted them in a more acceptable red.

Nevertheless the renaming and the change of color: this vessel is still ugly! As I said before: I like a bit a asymmetry in a vessel as it gives a bit a character but here they have gone the wrong way with it again and went all over the top!


Picture by Diario Portuario via Flickr

Picture by Diario Portuario via Flickr

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