HMS Argus

Posted: 10 August, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob, special, ugly
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HMS Argus

Pennant nr : I49

Build :1918 by William Beardmore and Company, Dalmuir in Scotland, UK, nr ??

In the post about the Posh Inland Party Boats I featured the Pure-liner, Fooman2008 commented that she was the reincarnation of HMS Argus…..and he was quit right as you can see in the pics posted here.

She was laid down as the Italian liner Conte Rosso however she was bought by the Royal Navy during the build and finished as the first aircraftcarrier with a complete unobstructed flight deck (the “flush deck”) upon which conventional aircraft could take off and land. She has been the blueprint from which all aircraftcarriers have been spawned

Dunno source, via the Interweb

Dunno source, via the Interweb

As she was relatively small and a bit slow she was of limited use for combat-operations and she was primarily used to to develop the techniques of aircraft carrier combat and train aviators in the operation of aircraft at sea.

She did however play a part in WWII when the big losses fo the royal Navy forced them to put her in the frontline again and she was used to ferry airplanes to within flying distance of their operational destinations. in 1943 she reverted back to her training roll and in 1946, after almost 30 years of service she was sold for scrap.

BTW: below you see the picture Fooman2008 was refering to in his comment on the Pure-liner:

And you can see clearly why she was nicknamed “the Flatiron” or “Ditty Box”

More info, specs & pics: HERE and THERE.

  1. fooman2008 says:

    thanks for mentioning me I appreciate it that someone looks at things. For some reason I never thought that Argus was particularly ugly (maybe because of her liner hull shape). I was mostly struck by resemblance with the liner which has an almost flush topside.

  2. seabart says:

    To be fair: I never called HMS Argus Ugly…..she is strange looking, especially with the Dazzle Paintjob but not ugly. And I also think the resemblance is striking! History repeating?

  3. tim driver says:

    my father leslie driver,was on argus from 1939-45 as a coder, you fail to mention that she was on russian convoys as well as the malta convoys, he got both malta and russian convoy medals. i have the copper plate taken off the bridge when he took radio equipment out at end of war and also many photos of action, ark royal listing bombs dropping etc and also silk hankies of argus and silk navy hanky.

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