Yarrrrrrr…Pirates!! (Updated)

Posted: 10 August, 2009 by SeaBart in special
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Den Sorte Dame


Build : 1993 by Risør Trebåtbyggeri, Risør in Norway

Looks just like a regular replica of an old sailing vessel doesn’t it?? Wrong!!! Wait until she turns away from you! Fantastic, very cool!!!

Den Sorte Dames means “The Dark Lady” and she is the ship of the Norwegian Captain Sabeltann who raids the 7 seas from Kjuttaviga in Kristiansand Zoo looking for a hugh treasure.


Here are some fans in the process of restoring their pirateship to follow in Captain Sabeltann’s wake :

Update (10-08-2009)

And I found another “to pathetic for words wanna-be pirate ship”: Elyssa

As you can see from above picture she does have “Flying Dutchman”-aspirations as she doesn’t need any wind, or sails for that matter, to be propelled forward with a reasonable speed!

I’m afraid that the only thing her crew will ever be accused of robbing is the money out of the pockets of innocent and unsuspecting tourists.



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