Krilo Jet (Updated)

Posted: 11 August, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Krilo Jet

IMO : ??

Build : 2002 by Iris Catamarans Aigrefeuille,La Rochelle in France, nr ??

Advanced technology, innovative, ideally designed, a lot of these expensive words are being used in articles about this vessel on the interweb. Build from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) in a highly novel modular composite sandwich with insulating coatings she is the future in passenger transport in an efficient, fast & comfortable way.

Plastic is the main component here: They have glued a bunch of Tupperware boxes together, thrown in 2 oversized engines so it reaches 40 knots and they ended up with the fastest Tupperware party on the  seas.


And to top things off they decidedto mix the different Tupperware lines into something which should be pleasing to the eye, roundish on one side, square-ish on the other side.

This vessel is sailing between Split, Hvar & Corcula in Croatia and somehow I have the impression that the people in each town are happy to see it go again. And the good thing about her is that, with 40 knots, she is gone in no time.

Update (11-08-2009)

We found a long lost halfsister of he floating tupperware thingy above:

Adriatic Jet

Dunno source, via the Interweb

Dunno source, via the Interweb

Dunno source, via the Interweb

Dunno source, via the Interweb

There aren’t much pictures of her about but from the above you have probably already seen enough. If you wanna see more: you can find her in the Albanian waters! Have fun and let me know if she really is as ugly in real life as on the pics.

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