Cavalier Maxim

Posted: 12 August, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Cavalier Maxim

IMO : 5265904

Build : 1962 by Thornycroft & Co, Southampton in the UK, nr ?? as Osborne Castle

it must be due to the summerseason that so many harbourtour & excursion vessels are disgracing these digital pages. Now we have one from Canada doing the St Lawrence River and it’s hidious and she had many faces in her life. She started life as a humble ferry between Southampton & Cowes, see a pic below:

As Osborne Castle :

In 1978 she was sold to Canada, renamed to Le Goblet D’Argent and modified to a drive-through ferry. The modification wasn’t doing good things to her looks.

As Goblet D’Argent :

In 1989 she was old again….and modifed again….and renamed again to Le Maxim

As Le Maxim (on the far right) :

And it is getting boring……but she got converted once again, nof for the last time (for now) and renamed to Cavalier Maxim.

As Cavalier Maxim :


And we can all agree that her looks didn’t improve over the years and after all those modifications……she lost all the elegance and class she had when she was new!! Deffo major FAIL! A sad ending!

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