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Posted: 13 August, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Dunno source via Interweb


Dunno source via Interweb


IMO : 1009340

Build : 2008 by HDW Shipyard, Kiel in  Germany, nr SF99 as Sigma

Loads of money, a great designer (Phillipe Starcke), a well-known an respected shipyard. Throw it all in the mix and see what comes out: Yacht “A”

It might be revolutionairy, it might be super-luxurious, it might be filled with all the gadgets in the world, it might be fast, roomy, super-seaworthy and all the other things you can expect from a superyacht. But its also Butt-ugly!

And they even couldn’t come up with a normal name!


picture by Carl Groll via http://www.yacht-images.com

Update (24-05-2009)

And they have a little run-about boat (or Tender, as they call it in the yachting-world) to go with her as well, same story applies: basically overdesigned & not pretty. (and very expensive, I assume)

And her “garage”:

And as a bonus some more pics of the actually yacht……

Doesn’t matter from which side you look at her: she remains Butt-ugly!!

Update (13-08-2009)

And as you don’t expect the owners of a prestigious yacht like this to have only one of them socalled  “tenders” there is another one as well:

  1. neil says:

    Looks like the DDG-1000 Zumwalt


  2. bowsprite says:

    This makes a fine prototype for a vegetable peeler.

  3. seabart says:

    The yacht itself or the tender? Either way: it’s a bit overdone!!

  4. redbeards2332 says:

    That Thing Is Freaking Great!!! Your All Hating Because You Don’t Have One!!! And Never Will!!!!

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