Esvagt Bergen

Posted: 14 August, 2009 by SeaBart in paintjob, ugly
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Esvagt Bergen

IMO : 9431563

Build : under construction by “MetalShips” Shipyard, Vigo in Spain, nr ??

Ah, another X-Bow, they are really coming out like a dream now, and as the hull is distinctive enough they painted it red, bright red!! This one isn’t completed yet but it won’t be long before she is on the high seas spoiling the views.

Here is a sample of how that will look:

Picture by Rob Andrew:

Picture by Rob Andrew:

She looks like a giant bright red slipper!!


  1. Nice blogue you have.
    In Portugal city (VIANA DO CASTELO)we have a boat like this one mentionned in your blogue.

    Shipping Regards
    José Modesto

  2. Mr Burns says:

    Excuse me, but you have no idea of ship design.If you want to publish something, you should get more information about it.
    You´re wrong about the color, the Shipyard and the hull.
    This hull is prepared to face 10 metres seawaves not to win a ship beauty contest.

    Greetings and have a nice day

  3. seabart says:

    Excuse me to….I did study naval architecture and I did the Maritime University, spend the last 12 years sailing the 7 seas. I am sorry but I beg to differ: I do know something about ship-design.

    I also know something about taste: everybody has got it, everybody’s is different.

    I might be wrong about the shipyard but the info I had at the time of writing was the above.

    please tell me how can I be wrong about the color: it’s red isn’t?? or have I gone colorblind?

    Have a very nice weekend!

  4. swiller says:

    Yes she is ugly. But she is our ugly duckling. =)
    By the way we are still waiting for her, and a sister ship (Esvagt Stavanger), to be delivered from Spain. A 3rd one has also been ordered from another yard; Asteilleros Zamalona shipyard in Bilbao.
    Nice site you have here btw.


  5. KBJB says:

    It might be a slipper, but it is a ruby slipper.

    Red is the distinctive colour of all Esvagt ships with a bright white band designating the rescue zone. It’s quite appropiate too as it also is the national colours of Denmark and Esvagt resides in Esbjerg on the Danish West coast.

    The red/white combination is perfect in the North Sea due to its high visibility and the fact that it makes the ERRVs and FSVs stand out from the rabble of cargo haulers and fishing vessels.

  6. (cx9aaw) says:

    Hello greetings from Vigo Spain,

    Good write to comment on that Esvagt Bergen was not built at the shipyard in Metalship as only entered the floating dock to paint, they built in the shipyards of the Naval factory in Marín (Pontevedra) even it is very close to Vigo and GaliciaThank you and this is his video enjoy it.


    Hola un saludo desde Vigo España,Bueno escribo para comentar que el Esvagt Bergen no fue construido en el astillero de Metalship solamente entro en el dique flotante para pintar, lo construyeron en los astilleros de la Factoría Naval de Marín (Pontevedra) aun que esta en Galicia y muy cerca de Vigo, muchas gracias y este es su video que lo disfruten.Javier

  7. Gilberto Méndez Bujeiro says:

    Sois todos muy listos y sabeis un montón de diseño naval.Son dos barcos gemelos construidos en Marín(Factoria naval de Marín y otras subcontratas como NERVION,PROYECTA,5G,AGORPA ETC)Yo en ese momento trabajaba en la construcción de varios bloques que comformarian toda la inmensa proa,aún conservo los planos de montaje y un dolor de cabeza residual,lo cierto es que salio un bonito enjendro.Yo era el encargado de Proyecta y yo me lo curré en compañia de 16 chavales y ahora me gustaria hacer unas campañas en uno de estos hijos mios.

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