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Build : 1944, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, nr ?? as ??

Kerkschip means Church-vessel but I guess you probably already figured that out from the picture. This is actually quit a special ship: She has been build by the Germans during WWII to supply their submarines with all necessary fluids as fresh water, fuel, lubrication oil, food, etc etc. To avoid getting sunk by magnetic mines she has been made of concrete. Designed by a French company, build in a drydock in Rotterdam, towed to Antwerp for outfitting and left there undamaged by the retreating Germans in 1944. For a short while she was used as a bunker vessel but as she was too heavy and thus had a too deep draught and was difficult to manoeuvre  she was soon sold to the church in 1950.

Dunno source via

Dunno source via

After converting her into what she is now she has served the land and water based parish since then, to satisfaction of all involved.

She is quit an odd vessel but definitely with an impressive & colorful past! A church with a twist!

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