Posh Bali

Posted: 20 August, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Posh Bali

IMO : 9180736

Build : 1997 by Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding co. Ltd., Jiangyin in P.R.o. China, nr 006 as Conti Jaya

Posh Bali, if you hear those words I can actually imagine that you automatically start thinking about sun, sea, beach, nice weather, friendly people, all related to that exotic island called Bali in Indonesia. What a shock it must be to your system to be yanked out of that daydream and find yourself confronted with the picture of above vessel.  Rest assured that I could only find one picture of the ship in her present disguise but I found a few of her former self, with another name.

she has been transformed, modified, changed, converted and all not to the best result…..she has turned from an anonymous ugly duckling into one fat ugly swine, with a deceiving name.

The whole transformation has only been finished this year so rest assured that more pics will surface in due time and they’ll be presented here as well.


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