Posted: 23 August, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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IMO : 76044390

Build : 1975 by somebody, somewhere

We have seen ships with the funnel forward of the accommodation before and I still think it looks very silly. I’ll give the word to Kyle Stubbs as he is the one who tipped me yesterday: “While at first glance she appears to be a rather pleasant, if mundane, research vessel, however, she has one defining feature that mars her appearance, a rhino horn sort of structure of a funnel, at the front

Dunno source, via www.unols.org

Dunno source, via http://www.unols.org

Oh jeez, there are two of them! What were they thinking?

Yes, who knows what they were thinking?? But I know what I’m thinking: this vessel is as ugly as a rhinoceros!! The very rare double-horned one!

Dunno source, via www.gullseyeview.com

Dunno source, via http://www.gullseyeview.com

Thanks to Kyle for this one!

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