Agia Kyriaki

Posted: 29 August, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Agia Kyriaki

IMO : 6903412

Build : 1969 by T van Duivendijk’s Scheepswerf, Lekkerkerk in the Netherlands, nr z88 as Mariaeck

Judging from above pictures this little vessel isn’t looking that strange, ugly, odd or anything out of the ordinary. Except maybe for the heavy derricks on deck. But rest assured it won’t be popping up on these pages if she wasn’t. It is not untill you see her from another direction than from abeam that you see the weirdness of the vessel.

I couldn’t find any other pics on the whole Interweb and I searched in every corner, what I did find was this one (sorry mr Maritimephoto!!)

Picture 1

And to give you an even more clear picture of the vessel: a model (please ignore the pieces of string, they were not included in real life)

Dunno osurce, via the Interweb

Dunno osurce, via the Interweb

If you are very sharp and you think you noticed a difference in length of the vessel comparing the pictures on the top of this post than that is correct, in 1975 she is lengthened with 15 m.

She is broken up in 2007………………..



  1. FOYEN says:

    History of this ship in Deutsch:

    There is also a kinda sistership – Brunneck:


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