Car Carriers (part 2)

Posted: 30 August, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Car Carriers (part 2)

And here on this beautiful rainy and lazy Sunday I gathered some prime examples of the single most ugly ships type on this world with the most inapt names……As the Gentle Leader and the Asian Vision pictured above prove beyond any reasonable doubt. Please see below for more insane examples and try to keep yourself from laughing, or at least smilling (see part 1 here).

Dream Diamond

Favorite Ace

Modern Drive

Neptune Thalassa

Pacific Winner

Seven Seas Highway

Eternal Mariner

Morning Noble

Now, as I have lined up the above milkpacks I realise that a shabby advertsing company is the prime suspect of coming up with these rubbish names to make a ugly thing look a bit better and glamorous. All they need now is a pretty half-naked girl to promote the whole image. Now, I wouldn’t mind that!!

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