Rio Del Rey (updated)

Posted: 30 August, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Rio Del Rey

IMO : 9480611

Build : 2008 by Aksoy Shipyard, Gelibolu in Turkey, nr 40

I have no idea about the purpose of this vessel. It looks like they just dumped an appartmentblock on a hull too small for it and they t0tally forgot to add the extra ingredients that actually make a ship workable. Looking at the heli-deck she has got something to do in the offshore industry but what?? Beats me. He or she who knows has permission to inform me, I am actually very curious! In the mean time I’ll just file her under strange ugly ship with no apparent purpose in life, she might as well commit suicide.


I have done some searching on the all-knowing Interweb and found out that she is an Accomodation barge. Duh!! Although I’m still not sure about the usefullness off it all…….therefore: ugly & useless!!

Update (30-08-2009)

And the floating uselessness of above has a similar sister: Magda (IMO : 9480693):

I still have no idea what, where, why, when, whatever and all more relevant questions you can think of…….Let’s call them: The Useless Sisters…sounds like a pretty crammy band!

  1. fooman2008 says:

    helo pad looks someone added a hat to the apartment building.

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