Japanese Sightseeing Boats

Posted: 12 September, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Japanse Sightseeing Boats

Tourists: you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them, and I know because I live in a touristy-area. I will not get started on the topic of tourists because then I’d have to alter this this to “Uglytourists.com” as I have so much to wine about. Let’s talk about sightseeing ships instead: the ultimate trap for tourists. Build a odd-looking vessel, ask an admission fee, take it 2-3-4 times a day out to uninteresting places and while you have them trapped on board sell them overpriced food & drinks and cheap-charlie souvenirs. Done in every harbour in the world.

We have seen them before here on the site: here, here, here and here.

In Japan they have taken it to a different level: they have built life-size pirate ships: or tried to make them look like it. Above you see the Vasa, sailing on Lake Ashi in Ashinoko, Hakone-district, Japan.

Here is a picture of her tied alongside with her sister Royal:

And the Victory, also moored alongside:

And on the move:

The 3 vessels are replicas of pirate boats, duh!! Vasa is (loosely) modeled after the ship Vasa built by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in the first half of the 17th century. Royal is modeled on the 17th-century French warship Soleil Royal. The Victory is modeled on a British warship from the 17th century, HMS Sovereign of the Seas.

And there is a fourth one: a Mississippi river boat replica called Frontier:

I genuinely do admire the Japanese and I love being in Japan but I think in this case I think they have got it soooooooo wrong!!

Oh: and they also have these ugly floating things on the same lake:

For more detailed pics of the Vasa (and pretty cute japanese girls) see here: www.renzze.com. And if you wanna see even more of them: simply do a Google, there are loads of pictures out there.

  1. Klimakillergegner Gegner says:

    i like the face Mississippi boat. The copy of the VASA however, should have copied the original more closely – and capsize and sink on her first sea-trial trip in the harbour.

  2. Bo Bowman says:

    Wow. I am deeply shocked to see even the Japanese have a dark side when it comes to bad taste. When you think of the serene beauty that is elemental to their culture, this really makes my eyes hurt.

    For the record, these are not “replicas of pirate ships” but sailing warships (except for the river packet, of course). And the Victory was (actually “is”) an 18th Century warship, and not patterned after the Sovereign of the Seas. Sorry for the nit-picking. We do agree, however, on the fact that these are hideous.

  3. Elisesse says:

    Some funny looking another galeon poseur – http://www.shipspotting.com/gallery/photo.php?lid=2563275 But have you seen Turkish “pirate galeons”? http://www.barbossayacht.com/ especially that Barbossa Side thing… Sure they are visually attractive & visitors have a great time on board, but designs of each ship is just unbearably stupid & freaky. And take a very close look at rigging – an overwhelming amount of stuff done with all seriousness just for the sake of look. This one’s rigging makes feel that it was designed by someone who really had no clue in it. “A pirate tall-ship sorta… who cares? It looks as one, so?”

    To have a better understanding – look for example at Poland’s “galeon” tourboats:
    Similar fake tall ships but done with all seriousness to replicate classic galeons with all their decorations.
    Slightly cartoonish but still:
    And down to stupidity but not like in Japan or Turkey:

    Some “pirate galeons” from US – these are a series of same design, simplistic shapes of hull & decorations, kinda cute/elegant actually!

    Pirate Ship Black Raven

    https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/pirates-ransom-scenic-tour-ship-taking-off-clearwater-marina-63358706.jpg Silly cute!

    https://cache-graphicslib.viator.com/graphicslib/thumbs674x446/5953/SITours/punta-cana-pirate-ship-snorkeling-sail-in-punta-cana-333045.jpg EH?

  4. SeaBart says:

    Thanks Elisesse!
    Those are some outlandish freakish contraptions! Perfect addition the the site!
    These “deserve” some more attention so I copied your comment into a post of its own.

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