Grande Angola

Posted: 14 September, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Grande Angola

IMO : 9343156

Build : 2008 by Uljanik Shipbuilding Industries, Pula in Croatia, nr ??

Last week when we approaching Flushing roads this vessel was ahead of us and we were about to overtake her. The Pilot then remarked: she is big, she is yellow and she doesn’t steer so I ‘d rather stay behind her untill we have a bit more space to flee away if necessary. When we finally overtook her it dawned on me how ugly looking those vessels actually are: a hugh square block of steel on the aft with a relatively low part ahead of it. So there and then I decided to honor her with the OUS-title. (it got nothing to do with that fact that we lost an hour because we had to stay behind her!!)

But it’s not only her: she has sisters and halfsisters as well:

for example:

Grande Nigeria

Grande Amburgo

Grande Francia

Repubblica di Venezia

Grande Europe

Repubblica di Genova

One day this one became a little bit more ugly!

Now she looks like this:

There you have it: A whole fleet of ugly yellow boxy vessels!

  1. sam says:

    Grande Europe is the leest ulgy but they are not the prittiest of ships!!

  2. Osozaia eoeura Buy Prosolution Pills agayuniu uguzivae.

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