Ocean Scotsman (updated)

Posted: 23 September, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Ocean Scotsman

IMO : 8016110

Build : 1982 by Singapore Slipway & Eng. Co Ltd, Singapore, nr 156 as Seaforth Monarch

On first sight she is just a regular 13 in a dozen supplier but when you look closer there are a few strange things going on on the forward section. A very strange position to store the anchors for example, and quit big winches on the forecastle. But the weirdest view is straight from the front….The wheelhouse is almost just as wide as either of the funnels!

Update (23-09-2009)

This OUS has got another owner, and as any new owner does with anything new: they slam a new paintjob on. And here she is again, new clothes, new name: Natalie

I must say that I like the new color of the hull: nice color blue!!

But this picture immediately raises another question: what’s that bulging thing on the middle of the hull???

  1. Capt Ken Appleby says:


    I was the first captain of the Seaforth Monarch – now Natalie I stood by her building and sailed her to Aberdeen from Singapore on her maiden voyage. Shortly after we went to Aarhus in Denmark where she was heavily modifie=d to carry a submarine called SOFIE. I have heaps of pictures of her at various stages of her life and she is a heavily built ship and still looks in good fettle after 28 years hard living. She was one of the earliest ships to be fitted with 360 degree rotating thrusters – still considered to be a ‘state of the art’ form of propulsion.

    The anchors were for a specific Brown & Root contract requiring deepwater anchors working with laybarges.

    If you would like some pictures please ask

  2. Ingo Meyer says:

    Hi, please send me Pictures from the Exhaustsystem ( Silencer ) we want to build a new and cant find a drawing!
    Thank Ingo

  3. Bill says:

    This was the first ship I ever sailed on as a cadet on vacasional training from Aberdeen collage during the summer of 1982. Im surprised she is still sailing around, as I am 30 odd years latter.

  4. captkenn says:

    Hi Bill
    I am still surprised that she is still sailing unlike many of her contemporaries. But we did a lot of work on her after she was newly built putting in extra doubling frames and strengthening her under the main deck and it seems to have worked ..

  5. OSCAR says:


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