Arctic P (updated)

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Arctic P

IMO : 6926024

Build : 1969 by F. Schichau Unterweser AG – Bremerhaven in Germany, nr 1746 as Arctic (ocean going tug)

Converted to yacht : 1994 by ??

With this one I’m going to give my own private opinion, I also do that  with all the other vessels featured here but I like to think that I speak for the majority of the world when I declare a ship an O.U.S.* On this one it is my own opinion as I know there are people out there who really like this vessel. and I don’t. I understand the way of thinking, I applaud the resurrection of an old vessel and giving her a new lifetime and I do know that the quality of the hull can’t and never will be matched by a modern hull. But why spend so much money on a vessel and not hire a decent designer / naval architect??

Picture by F. Caspers via

Picture by F. Caspers via

I think the lines of the aft (new) part of the accommodation are all wrong, it’s looking to modern for the old-fashioned forward part and the bridge. I think the masts aft of the funnel are too heavy and yes, I know they are original of the tug it once was. And the satellite-domes put on top of them don’t make it any better.

A pic showing her the way she was, a butch ocean-going tug.

And I have no idea whether she is re-engined but if not: I hate to pay the fuel bill and I definitely don’t wanna be an engineer on her as the engines probably never reach their full power anymore and will clog up badly!

Here is another one, build for the same company: Bugsier from Germany.

Lone Ranger

IMO : 1004900

Build : 1973 by F. Schichau Unterweser AG – Bremerhaven in Germany, nr 1757 as Simson (Ocean going tug)

Converted to yacht : 1997 by ??

And all the things I mentioned above also go for this vessel. It’s a good thing she is preserved and lives to sail another few miles but why-o-why not hire a real designer………

Here she is in the old days:

So what’s your opinion????

*Official Ugly Ship

Update (28-07-2009)

Here is an example where the conversion from tug to yacht is done in a nice & respectful way:


IMO : 5076298

Build : 1956 by J & K Smit Scheepswerven NV – Kinderdijk in the Netherlands, nr 858 as Clyde (Tug)

Converted to yacht : 1998-2002 by Astilleros Palma SL – Palma, Balearic Islands in Spain.

This is how she looked before the conversion, in the good old days as a tug!

PIcture from collection Jos Telleman via

Picture from collection Jos Telleman via


  1. Klimakillergegner Gegner says:

    Well, there are people with a decent knowledge and understanding of the advantages of a solid and well seakeeping old tug over one of these modern “designed” and “beautiful” plastic binds, called yacht or super-yacht, with their open pleasure and bathtub-stern, on which the reaction on every single gust of wind exceeding Bf 2, or a wave higher than 30 Centimeters, can only be the commend: “abandon ship”

  2. Alex says:

    I saw the Arctic P in Auckland NZ over New Years 056 where she was docked at Prince’s Wharf. I was told she was owned by an wealthy Australian. She was bombarded by empty beer bottles and other objects by drunken Hotel guest from the Hotel on the pier New Years eve.

    At I was crew on the also the rather unattractive University of Hawaii Research Vessel Kilo Moana docked on the other side of the pier. The multitude of satellite domes on her puzzled us, it almost seemed the they where decorative.

  3. Jacob van der Walle says:

    Just saw the Arctic come in to Auckland through the mist the whole way through the channel,about 40mins worth and had a solid perve at her lines through a good telescope,one of those times us shiplovers treasure.While she has been modified’a wee bit,in many respects she is still bloody gorgeous,she came through the gap at a half decent speed,at the end about 13-14 knots,smart as hell,and STILL every inch the grunter she was.Would LOVE to have a look on board,and am glad she is here for shiplovers to enjoy,rather then being melted down for reinforcing steel.Built in 1970 F schichau,2047tons gross,machinery twin 16 cyl Klockner-Humbold-Deutz.Anyone know the rating for this tug? Looks like about 12000hp?

  4. Relik says:

    I have been working on the Arctic while she is in Auckland for a refit. Today she is in the dry dock at Calliope, and while the functional spaces are pretty much as you would expect on an Ice Breaker, the cabins are fantastic. The engines are 12 cylinder Deutz rated about 4400 hp. The refit involves all new Gen Sets full IT fit out and new paint. IMHO I think the arctic is a great looking ship

  5. Jacob van der Walle says:

    Glad to observe somebody else thinks she’s not to bad! I’m an old twat,seen a lot of ships,have a tendency to look past the Solas modifications,and the owner wanting the rewards of hard work..Look beyond these minor’modifications’the guts of it are still there.Spent a night on the Rotterdam in her home town in Feb,totally drop dead gorgeous!! she too could be adversely commented on,but only by morons…Love classic ships for what thy are! How I saw the Arctic was a picture of dignity and strength,clogged engines? The owner has money to burn..C’mon!!

  6. trent says:

    artic-p… p for”packer”?
    was kerry packers/james now

  7. Hobbit says:

    She is a fantatic ship, I worked on her as she was refitted back in 94 and afterwards. Twin Deutz 4853 Kw, variable prop. Beautiful interior.

    KP bought her as his previous yacht, although gorgeous, was restricted by seasonal weather. He wanted to go anywhere, anytime.

    Fuel consumption, around 35T per day at cruising speed.

  8. To all the people that have replied to my comments regarding the Arctic,I thank you for your kind replies,cheers! jacob. The longer these noble dinosaurs survive the better!!!! She has grace,beauty[and class!

  9. Inland Marine says:

    Refit as a private yacht by Knight & Carver of San Diego, the Arctic P is a 288′, converted ice breaker, owned by Australian media & gambling mogul, James (Kerry) Packer. Reference, Professional Boatbuilder Magazine, October/November, 2010.

  10. hobbit says:

    Re Inland Marine. Arctic was refitted in Malta dry docks with Klaus Kautch as marine architect. I was working on the yacht during the refit. I still have plans signed off from the yard.

  11. Yacht Boat says:

    pretty good post and i really like it.Fantastic ship…little bit change in your ship can make them awesome…i like your idea and the way you can can show the change that was awesome…
    Really like your post

  12. BJ says:

    I thought was originally purchased by the Packers to use as an offshore pay-TV transmission station when the Aus govt refused to give him a license as they had ensured Fox they will not get any competition for a number of years. K Packer eventually got his pay-TV license (Optus TV) & instead turned the Arctic P into an ocean going yacht. I think this explains the many comms on board.

  13. Rod says:

    Saw the Arctic moored in Papeete in September. Crew member would not say who the owner was.

  14. prince taiapa says:

    The Arctic P is in Cairns Australia and the crew are still hush hush..

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