Aurora Borealis

Posted: 2 October, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Aurora Borealis

IMO : n/a (yet)

Build : Not yet

A consortium of 15 partners of 10 European nations have made a pact to start making plans to build and manage above pictured vessel. The Aurora Borealis is a European Research Icebreaker and will be used for……research expeditions in the Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic continental shelf seas during all seasons of the year. And they got off with a bang! Probably to generate a lot of publicity they had these pictures made, and some video’s as well.

Let’s assume they will finalise the plans, agree on the managment and then actually get the finance in place as well. (each of them would be a miracle on its own): I don’t think they will actually build this vessel! Look at that bridge, I can’t think of any constructional, operational or any other reason to build it like this!

She is ugly and she is unfeasable!

And I don’t know much about it but I also think the set-up of those 6 retractable azimuth thrusters is just bizarre!

For more information: go to the website:

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