Strange American Tugs (part 2)

Posted: 5 October, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly

Strange American tugs (part 2)

And here is the second part of the Strange American Tugs sequence which probably will go on for quit a while. More and more I keep seeing them and more and more I have to admit that they are a special bunch of boats. Nevertheless they keep on being funny to watch with their crane-like necks or their make-shift higher little wheelhouses. I guess the crews must have a good condition from walking up and down those towers all day!

Above you see the Janis Guzzler (not a really environmentally friendly name!) and the Lucia, below you see more and more.


Patriot Service

Nathan E. Stewart

Morton S. Bouchard

Wilf Seymour

Dace Reinauer (2 times)

Adriatic Sea


See part 1 HERE…..and please visit Tugster for more examples and other tug-related posts.

  1. Neil says:

    No need to walk up some of them. The bigger ones have internal elevators.

  2. FredZ says:

    why do these tugs look strange to a European? ie what is the requirement for US service that inspires these designs but is not present in Europe?

  3. SeaBart says:

    They are pusher tugs, and because of that they have the high mounted wheelhouse (on giraffe-like necks).
    Here in Europe we don’t have that many pushertugs, and only a small percentage of those have high mounted wheelhouses (and then not even as high as the ones in the US).

  4. Frank says:

    Pushy types these Americans, one push to many and Houston (mainport) is closed for three days.

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