Funny names (updated)

Posted: 19 October, 2009 by SeaBart in special
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Funny Names

Above you see a rather inconspicuous looking vessel with a rather interesting name (and that’s probably the only thing interesting on her): PYATIDYESYATILYETIYE SOVIETSKOY GRUZII……….I can already hear the operator of a vessel trafficcenter replying: can you spell that??? Oh dear, you have a 15 mins??

Update II (19-10-2009)

Tina also knew the secret behind this name, it means: 50th anniversary of the Soviet Georgia. So now you know as well………..

Below a few more vessels with funny names, have a good laugh!

Mini Me

Where is the bigger me then??

Cool Girl

Actually it is a rather fitting name for a reefer…..still funny though!

The next one made me laugh out loud when I saw the ship going by this name:

Ultimate Predator

Ultimate Alibi

Yup, always handy when you really need one!

Pourquoi Pas?

For the non-French speaking population, the name means: Why not? And I wonder: Why this name??

Update I (19-20-2009)

Tina gave me an explanation about why this name:

“I have heard a  part of the story:

Present Pourquoi pas? is partly for Navy – partly scientific (Ifremer Brest). Something like 160 and 180 days per year for each one.
The name was chosen because of  old French oceanographic boats that were used by Jean Baptist Charcot – it is definitely so. It is a common tradition to use the same names for scientific vessels.. sometimes there are problems with numbering but generally it works.
It is hard to trace now the real reason why J-B Charcot decided to name so his very first “Pourquoi pas?”. One idea about naming  is like this:
Father of J B Charcot, Jean-Martin Charcot,  was  quite a famous doctor in neurology. I guess that douche of Charcot was invented by him, also he used hypnosis in treating some psychotic conditions. Such kinds of things. Very famous and successful. Anyway Charcot-junior was supposed to do the same career (at least he got the same education and even got degree of  the Doctor of medicine) but finally he decided to change to sea exploration. And  his father was quite skeptical about this decision. And “Pourqoi pas?”  was just an answer to one of his father’s skeptical questions. He built  her the very year when his father has died (1893). In 1895 he has got his degree in medicine and stopped his career there. For J-B Charcot,  it was something important in this  name. Every time he got a bigger boat – he changed the name for Pourquoi pas?

The fourth of them – and the most famous Pourquoi pas? – was built  in 1907 specially for JB Charcot, and  got her name from the very beginning. Pourquoi pas? IV did some research in Antarctic and Arctic, North Atlantic and Mediterranean,  used to be first French Navy school ship (could be it is a reason why they decided to name a new part-Navy boat after it)  and wrecked in hurricane in September 1936 when sailed from Reykjanes to Saint-Malo.  39 people of 40 including Charcot himself (when he became too old to be the captain he took position of  chef de mission) have died or were lost at sea.”

Tina: thanks for the info!

Evening Star

I guess this so-called “Star” is indeed better seen by evening!

Ducky Symphony

That’s a lot of quacking then!!

And the best one, giving a very good impression of her own name:

Fat Duck

Also check out the other posts about funny names, mainly focused on carcarriers: 1, 2 & 3.



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