Emma Miller

Posted: 20 October, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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This post has been written by Fairlane, the new contributor to this amazing site!

Emma Miller

IMO : 1217736

Build: 2008 by C&G Boat Works –Mobile, Alabama in the USA

When I first saw this little vessel from the Staten Island Ferry, my guess was she must be a landing craft of some sort, until I noticed there was no ramp. Next guess: a really oddball tugboat. Which, in all reality, is what she looks like, both in hull and superstructure, except for one thing, her superstructure is as far aft as possible. This perplexed me, why would a tugboat have its pilot as far away from what it’s interacting with as achievable?

Picture by oneEyedClyde via www.vesseltracker.com

Picture by oneEyedClyde via http://www.vesseltracker.com

The answer lies in her true purpose, as I later found out. She is in fact, a tiny bunker tanker, which would explain having an open forward deck like most tankers. However, even with this purpose, the fact still stands that she looks like a giant, floating clown shoe.

Dunno source, via the Interweb

Dunno source, via the Interweb

She also has two sisters which operate in New York harbor as well :

Sunny Williams

Picture by Will van Dorp via www.tugster.wordpress.com

Picture by Will van Dorp via http://www.tugster.wordpress.com

Rolf Williams

In closing, her design style definitely suits the tugboats it is normally applied to. Tankers? Not so much!

Well Kyle, welcome here and keep the ugly stuff coming!

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