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IMO : 8009181

Build : 1982 by STX Finland Cruise –Rauma, Finland, Yard Nr. 436

When it comes to icebreaking, it can be assumed that Russia has the formula down given the extreme amount of Arctic coastline the nation possesses. Looking at the Russian icebreaking fleet, this notion seems true. Some of the mightiest crushers of the ice pack ply the waters to the north of Russia.
However, as this site has proved time and again, “mighty” doesn’t always translate into “beautiful,” or even “somewhat decent looking” in some situations. Case in point is Mudyug. If one were to approach her from behind, she might look normal. Not stunning, by any means, but normal, in a blocky icebreaker kind of way.

Picture by Gordon Wise via

Picture by Gordon Wise via

However, proceeding around to her flank, a major deficiency becomes apparent. It’s like somebody turning, causing you to suddenly notice their massive nose. In fact, this isn’t just a nose, this is what you could call a “schnoz.” (Schnoz: A humongoid nose that protrudes profusely from the face. Courtesy of

Not only does her nose keep going, but it also has a nice rhino horn out there, ready to pounce upon those who would snigger at her while navigating the frozen wastes. But, if those features are enough, she has one more that originally caught my attention.

She’s got little wings out there too. Maybe they’re sprouting to give her a little extra help in keeping her nose up in the air while she’s moving.
However, once upon a time, Mudyug wasn’t such a monster. As it turns out, she underwent some plastic surgery that amplified her once less distinct facial feature. Her sister ship Dikson (IMO: 8009208) hasn’t undergone this major alteration, and doesn’t look too bad, for an icebreaker.

So that’s it for Mudyug, proof that, just like for people, plastic surgery doesn’t always produce attractive results.

Note by SeaBart:

The Kapitan Sorokin (IMO : 7413488) has the same odd type of bow with a few additional ridges.

And as Buck below already remarked: this weird kinda bow is called a Thyssen-Waas bow.



  1. Klimakillergegner Gegner says:

    Possibly not an attractive nose, but an efficient one, icebreaking-wise.
    this system is capable of breaking a corridor into the ice which, after the ice breaker has passed, keeps clear of ice, because that bow pushes the broken ice slabs below the fast ice on both sides. The beautiful conventional icebreaker cannot do that, and the ice-channel closes again rapidly.

  2. Buck says:

    Is that a Thyssen-Waas bow? Not really pretty as far as my traditional eye goes, but definitely practical.

  3. lazerone says:

    A very very fine site!
    I’ll take some time to discover all!


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