Calamity Jane

Posted: 28 October, 2009 by Fairlane in ugly
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Calamity Jane

IMO: 7616779

Build: 1978 by Hollming Oy -Rauma, Finland, nr 218

According to Wikipedia, Calamity Jane was one of the most infamous characters of the American old west. She was known for being an Army scout, fighting Native Americans, heavy drinking, and being a “lady of the night” during the latter part of the 19th century.

How any relation to that name applies to this monstrosity of the seas, I have no idea. However, the word “Calamity” does seem very suitable. This thing looks like a giant, floating disaster of naval architecture.

She even has a giant hole in her stern. Sounds like a general recipe for success to me.

Like most monstrosities, I mean cable layers, she did once possess a much more mundane alter-ego, being built as the Ro-Ro cargo ship Stakhanovets Yermolenko (Say that one five times fast…).

Image via Argonautics Marine Engineering

Somehow, she even bucked the trend and survived her 1998 conversion into the world of cable laying relatively unscathed. Her appearance as both the Tyco Provider and later the Provider wasn’t too horribly appalling, apart from a bit of a growth on her rear.

However, her 2005 change-of-hands to Allseas marked the end for an unassuming veteran of the seas, and like could be said for her namesake, the rest is history.

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