Is the Oasis of the Seas ugly?? A Poll. (updated)

Posted: 28 October, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Oasis of the Seas

IMO : 9383936

Build : 2009 by STX Europe – Åbo in Finland, nr 1363

This ship hasn’t even just been delivered to her owners yet and she is already haunting the internet. At several places I digitally visited recently I saw the question popping up: Is the Oasis of the Seas ugly or not, or something in that line. And as I’m not afraid to embrace a trend when I see one: I ask the same question.



Is the Oasis of the Seas ugly or not?? A poll (with an appropriate ugly oasis-style background) :

Please bear in mind that she isn’t completely finished yet.She has been delivered to her owners but I haven’t found any good clear pics yet………………see below CGC’s for a “better picture”



I have already made my mind up….do you have to guess what? And how about you?


On the 28th of october the (apparently) world’s biggest passenger ship was actually delivered to her owners!

And: a sistership is underway, she is build at the moment, her name: Allure of the Seas. She is due to be delivered around this time next year.

Update (04-11-2009)

I’ll leave this poll up till the 12th of november, or anytime after that when I will be able to use the interwebs.

For now: the vessel has been spotted near Southampton, please see below pictures of the real thing in action:







  1. Squidley says:

    I wouldn’t say she’s ugly, but then she’s not exactly pretty either

  2. seabart says:

    Damn, you are fast! did you vote already?

  3. Squidley says:

    Yes, I don’t do delays

  4. seabart says:

    Great, thanks!

  5. Squidley says:

    I say not ugly but not pretty becuase there are some cruise boats out there that make you baulk at the mere sight of them.
    (Norwiegen Epic, Celebrity Equinox and anything with P&o on the side sping to mind.)

  6. seabart says:

    I do agree with you on the P&O ones and the Norwegian Epic, she is here on the site already, as are some of the P&O vessels.

  7. fooman2008 says:

    I thought there were inspectors to prevent people from taking a perfectly ugly apartment building and grafting it on a ship. I know that it takes lots of bodies to make any money for a cruise ship but this thing is ridiculously ugly, just take a cardboard box and graft it onto a hull.

  8. fairlane221 says:

    I’ve heard of treating people like cattle, but this thing is getting a little too close to making a cruise ship look like one of those infamous livestock carriers.

  9. […] longer, the building onthe ridge would give a more convincing sense of being an oversize stack for Bart to wax eloquent […]

  10. Pat says:

    She looks worse in the photo than in the artistic drawing but either way it does look like a top-heavy low-rent urban apartment block wallowing in the waves. Perhaps when the owners saw the sketches they thought the ship wouldn’t look too much worse than the other floating mega-hotels plying tropical waters.

    At least something like a cable layer has a functional excuse for being ugly and I don’t mind such a ship having a busy, cluttered, industrial appearance. Such a ship could fall into the pug-dog “so ugly it’s cute” category.

    Granted that balconies are nice for passengers, it’s hard to make a several-stories-high wall of them that dominates the ship’s profile anything but unattractive. Cruise liners seem to have followed a trend to have become uglier and uglier. Maybe the logic is that the uglier the owners make the ships on the outside, the less passengers will want to take shore excursions so they don’t have to see the outside of the ship until the cruise is over. That way the passengers can stay on board spending their money and the cruise-factory ship can process them with maximum efficiency.

  11. amit patel says:

    Looks like Croydon!

  12. fooman2008 says:

    looked at the photo that was mentioned, is it just me or does it look like someone built a huge box style cheesegrater? (complete with a hole in the stern to let the grated cheese out)

  13. doctordoctor says:

    looks grand to me. sounds like others need to get with the 21st century. plus the world is moving towards 20 billion humans and large capacity ships are essential. in 20 years this boat will look small compared to the 2000 footers coming on line.

  14. ericson says:

    i will make 5 bigger than it………hehehe.

  15. Candy says:

    Eeh…Oasis of the seas is so ugly! I feel bad for Titanic, Oasis is much more uglier than any modern cruise ships.

  16. Gary Oak says:

    I think Oasis of the Seas is beautiful.

  17. Mr. L says:

    I agree! She IS beautiful!


    I agree! I love Oasis of the Seas! She is SO Majestic!

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