Westward Venture

Posted: 28 October, 2009 by SeaBart in ugly
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Westward Venture

IMO : 7614915

Build :1977 by Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. – Chester, PA in the US of A., nr 675

If this ship had been converted or rebuild during her career I could understand it, she still looks ugly but I could see the point in all those things sticking out on the sides. But NO….behold, she is build as new like that! What on earth where those designers thinking? Did they forget to put in the necessary re-enforcements. Did they have a change if mind on the size of the upperdeck but forgot to implement that idea to the rest of the vessel? I think we will never know but rest assured the world sees another ugly ship passing before her eyes.

And what’s with the feeble Mickey Mouse container deck in front of the accommodation?? Another great idea from above mentioned designers??

And you know what, they thought it was such a great jolly idea they did it again, there is a sistership, with a very appropriate name:


And another one, but this one is lacking the Mickey Mouse Box-deck so the things sticking out the side are totally useless.

El Faro

Thanks to Alex S. for the tip….he had more which will follow one of these days.

  1. Klimakillergegner Gegner says:

    The SS/Westward Venture was delivered on April 20, 1977 and departed from Sun Ship for Tacoma, Washington. The 790 foot, 24 knot trailership was operated by TOTE, an Alaskan corporation offering a shipping service between Tacoma, Washington and Anchorage, Alaska. (The aforementioned was a press release from Sun Ship dated April 22, 1977 for immediate release).

    looks like a damn Yank aircraft carrier

  2. Victor M. says:

    A damn Yank aircraft carrier? You really think so? Guess it shows what you know.

  3. Victor M. says:

    Taking more time to look at the pictures, I can kinda see a WWI carrier, a WWII Jap carrier, or even a WWII cruiser. But what I mostly see is a MN ship.

  4. Fairlane says:

    Amazingly, there are more: The line that operates El Faro has the sisters El Yunque and El Morro, also. on the bright side, however, these oldtimers may the class of vessel with the most left after 30+ years of existence.

  5. eyes on says:

    Westward Venture was the fastest of these Ponce class ships. The Sun Ro-Ro design is extremely well suited for the wide variety of cargoes in the Alaska trades. 3 dock side transfer ramps attach to the vessel and the trailers and autos were driven on and off. The trailers were affixed to the deck with both chains and a sun ship derived “roloc” box. A rather amazing operation these ships have been replaced in 2003 ops with larger “orca” class vessels.

  6. eyes on says:

    The odd looking spar deck and its support buttresses were to add capacity to the alaska trade vessels that do not do any regular lift on/off operations.

  7. Chris L says:

    The “Mickey mouse deck” was referred to as the spar deck, and had a ramp at the forward end to load trailers, not containers. The boxy projections out the side of the hull were external ventilation ducts, I believe. You can see there is one forward that wouldn’t be needed to support the spar deck also note that the main deck extends past the hull a few feet. I agree that up close and personal they are ugly, but at sea from a couple miles away they weren’t a bad sight!

  8. KoolGuy8039 says:

    Sadly, the El Faro sank during Hurricane Joaquin in 2015.

  9. InfinityDestroyer says:

    The El Faro actually sank after steaming into Hurricane Joaquin in 2015, sadly killing all of it’s 33 member crew. 😦

  10. Well, technically it got caught in Hurricane Joaquin.

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