CGG Amadeus

Posted: 3 November, 2009 by Fairlane in ugly
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CGG Amadeus

IMO: 9174933

Build: 1999 by STX Tulcea – Tulcea in Romania, nr. 428 as Aker Amadeus

I will admit, I’ve always had kind of a soft spot for research vessels. Growing up, I was fascinated by the exploits of Robert Ballard, and always wanted to embark on a vessel such as the Knorr to look for lost shipwrecks.

Despite how cool these ships may be, and their need for a large number of baubles and bolt-ons to complete their missions, some of them are downright ugly.

Case in point, this thing.

Like an overweight person wearing tight clothing, she has all kinds of random bulges that nobody needs to see. In fact, she reminds me of a chimera of sorts, all kinds of creatures melded into one. Take the bow for example, standard research vessel, or even Ro/Ro cargo ship feature, but the back two thirds, it looks like someone decided to weld on a car carrier. Then there are the projections on the sides. Nuclear submarine hulls, anyone?

However, I’m sure she’s good at her job, which I’m perfectly fine with. She has every right to ply the deep sea, advancing our knowledge of the oceans, far from where anyone on shore needs to see her.

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