SeaBart is offshore again!

Posted: 4 November, 2009 by SeaBart in information

uglyships-logo.jpgSeaBart is offshore again!

Hello readers!

As you possibly have determined from above title I have swapped the steady base of solid earth for the more unsteady type of surface liquid on our planet. Currently I’m residing on a so-called “Offshore Construction Vessel” (which has been featured here on the site) working in the Gulf of Mexico. As we have a internet-connecttion on board I will be able to do stuff here but the last trip did prove that said connection is a bit unreliable (understatement of the year!) so I’m not promising anything. The more optimistic colleagues of mine have stated that the project should be finished in 4-5 weeks, I myself assume I won’t be home during X-mas.

Please be back for more & have fun doing so!



  1. Victor M. says:

    Wish I could be there with you. I do miss those days at sea. But, I have to ask once again, is there any ship that you consider not ugly?

  2. seabart says:

    I replied to that question already once but I have no problem repeating: please click on the “non-ugly”-tag in the tagcloud on the right of your screen. Or on “cute”. Then you will see the ships I consider to be pleasing to the eye.

    And it’s quit nice to be in the GoM now Miss Ida has gone!

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