Destia Ferry Services

Posted: 5 November, 2009 by Fairlane in paintjob, ugly
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Destia Ferry Services

So, I know ferries have gotten more than their fair share of ridicule on this site, but the fact is, there seems to be an endless source of repugnant ferry designs plying the world’s waterways.

Part of the problem may be that ferries, especially open decked examples, are often designed more with utility than beauty in mind, and most of the time, in my opinion, remote waterway crossings can get away with having an affordable, albeit unnattractive, ferry.

However, sometimes things can go overboard, which seems to be the case of Destia Lines, which provide over half of the ferry service to Finland. It’s not just one, but it’s a fleet, and they are all painted a blinding shade of yellow. That may not be a bad thing, you may want to be blinded from seeing them.

Prostvik I

My best guess is some0ne decided that since it carries vehicles, it should ape one of its “brethren.” The only problem, aircraft carrier design features don’t fit too well on something this small.


At least this one bears some semblance of conventionality (which isn’t saying much). However, it looks like someone decided to make it their little pet postmodern art project. If there’s actually a need for all the random protrusions on the superstructure, I have no idea.


This one looks slightly better. However, the overhead gantries can stick to hoisting nets on the backs of fishing trawlers or holding highway signs in my opinion.

Nagu 2

This may be the least repulsive of the fleet. In fact, other than imitating a taxi cab, there is much to ridicule this one for.

Actually, on second thought, maybe they could stand to be a bit brighter yellow. I can still see too much of them.

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