Posted: 6 November, 2009 by Fairlane in non-ugly
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IMO: 5322752

Build: 1955 by Lobnitz Shipyard – Renfrew in U.K., nr. 1132

So, there’s been a lot of discussion lately of what a “non-ugly” ship is. Thus, I thought I’d share one of my favorites. This old steamer operates out of Southampton, U.K. as an excursion vessel, where she has been doing business for over 50 years. It’s really a shame that only a few fine old vessels from that era are still afloat and cared for, as I find their classic lines to be much more attractive than many modern designs.

Of course, she still does have a bit of an ugly component (she couldn’t be perfect to be on this site, could she?). In fact, you could say, in terms of her original purpose, she would fit into an “ugly jobs” category. That is, back when she was built in the 1950’s, treated sewage, or sludge, was loaded onto vessels and hauled out to sea where it was dumped.

That was Shieldhall’s role, in unglamorous terms, a hauler of crap. On the positive side, however, the chance to go on an excursion on a sludge vessel was actually considered to be a privilege, and thus she was designed as a glamorous vessel. As a result, she was relatively lavishly appointed, and given good reason to survive while her contemporaries have long ago gone to the scrap heap.

So, fair winds and following seas, Shieldhall. May you continue to provide a window into the past, even if it is because of rather nasty means.

  1. bowsprite says:

    good call: non-ugly, ugly job. Shieldhall is really good looking, and I would say that the honey boats we have here in NYHarbor are just as lovely. Our “Ships of Stools” are part of the Dept of Environmental Protection, and I hope to post on them soon, because I do love seeing them!

    …well, I like them. They do not have Shieldhall’s classy lines, but they’re good & solid.

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