Maersk Vlaardingen

Posted: 11 November, 2009 by Fairlane in paintjob, ugly
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Maersk Vlaardingen

IMO: 9207998

Build: 2000 by Flenburger Schiffbau – Flensburg in Germany, nr 711 as Und Akdeniz

So most Ro/Ro freighters seem to follow a general layout: A boxy superstructure up front with a large freight hold in the stern. 95% of the time, this trend results in an unoffensive, if slightly boring, design. However, every once and a while, someone just has to buck the trend.

So, maybe the bow is supposed to look streamlined or something. Problem, it’s still a 23,000 ton ship. How well the bow cuts through the wind is the least of its problems.

Then there’s her superstructure. Instead of having a bridge at the front, her designer decided to create some kind of drive-through thing. Can you order a burger as you bring your truck on board or something?

And, where’s her funnel? I see exhaust, but I don’t see a funnel…

Oh, there it is! It’s hiding over on the far side of the ship. In fact, I’m amazed that a stack that big and obvious is actually able to hide from your view. It’s kinda perplexing.

Not to mention, she’s also one of our favorite colors, a nice, obnoxious shade of baby blue.

She has a sister, too:

Maersk Voyager

At least this one’s name is pronounceable, I’d hate to be in charge of spelling out the other one on paperwork. Perhaps the name “Voyager” is appropriate, though. She does kinda look like some kind of Spaceship out of Star Trek.

  1. Micheal says:

    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think she is quite strikingly pretty, I love the color and streamlined hull design contrasting with the sharp angles of the superstructure. What a lovely vessel.

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